2012 / Growth/Decay

Artwork Description:

Hidden within all objects in nature are the processes of growth and decay, and simplicity of these two processes is a product their inherent nature to function and act together. As part of any natural growth process there will always be the counter-balance of the negative force of decay. Humans have and continue to struggle in the understanding of these forces. In our rational understanding of these forces, we have formulated these processes as well-developed models often driven as a product of chance. These are the models that direct the artwork presented and these models become the source content of study for the machine and the product of its observations culminate in the final artwork drawn. The forces of growth and decay become elements for us to master. As we master them, our perception of the world around us becomes deeper and richer, our capabilities expand, and our ability to see the hidden elements that drive nature evolves. The code that underlies the artwork represent a compilation of observations of these natural forces, and the works generated are a reflection of these observations. This work is an illustration of conflict that exists between these elements of nature and goes beyond the confines of the canvas. We see the cycles of growth and decay at all scales of life. This becomes a fluid act of both regeneration and degeneration as the undulation of the computer actor both creates and destroys as it continuously works as if to unmask a work hidden underneath the surface, which serves as a symbol of the creative energy of humanity. The work is a celebration and a sense of growing decay that endlessly cycles with these two opposing dualities and is the the life-blood of nature. The emergent complexity is the result of the battle between order and disorder and is a manifestation of the natural world and the disorder that emerges in the process of creation. The abstract elements and the opposing forces that control them will remain unchanged. In the process of the creation some these will slowly succumb to process of decay, thereby changing the structurally qualities of the produced artwork which is an ecosystem of living agents. As the ghost in the machine creates, its works change our perceptions of the process of growth and decay and the hidden elements of the work result in nothing more than an undervalued art object.

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