2012 / Circle Layout

Artwork Description:

Circle layout is work that utilizes the scale and proportion of the most common of elements, the circle, to develop an intricate pattern. The abstract language of art is written in color and emotion is evoked by the primacy of the lightness and darkness. As each work starts completely anew, the computer becomes the first artist in the act of creation. The abstract elements represented in this artwork are not isolated from one another, but depend on the empty space of the canvas as elements are added creating a logic and natural order that completes the piece. Absent in this mix of abstraction and geometry is connection to the physical world and yet, we cannot help but be consumed by what otherwise may be meaningless abstract elements. Here the machine discards references to the natural world, but references still emerge from these outright abstractions. Beauty is a cosmic universal. The machine is set forth to explore the universality of ideas and experiences in an abstract world where individual works cannot be objectively studied, yet the whole has the objective of representing the natural world around us and our perception of this world is focused on via the intensification brought about with color through its subtle use in each of the works.

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