2011 / Two Random Walkers

Artwork Description:

The root of nature's meaning can only be reasoned about when we look below its surface to the shared connection between art and science. It is this shared connection that allows us to look deeper into the nature of things. These lyrical abstractions are compositions created without visual references unlike the art of the past, but provide a framework for understanding properties of nature through the creation of generative artworks. The importance of the random is examined here through the usage of random walks that weaves form into the canvas producing a labyrinth that guides the invisible hand of the machine to twist and turn making a commentary on the beauty in taking something so basic that it often goes unnoticed by transforming it into something both important and notable. The guiding hand acts with a philosophical belief that embraces the theosophical current imbued in nature and seeks out in search of perfection and understanding of the mysteries that serve to bind the entirety of existence, whether it be humanity, the universe, or the divine in a reality that is more primordial than the material of the world we observe around us. It is a sequential process born of the random that gives birth to each work’s complexity and intricacy which is breathtaking when we step back and contemplate its omnipresence in the world around us. The works of this collections form a taxonomy of the various forms that random walks can take and that surround us everyday presented as both a comparison and contrast of these forms. The machine has solely a chain of basic concepts in the form of computer code as its point of view. These are the algorithms from which it derives each piece, but this the analogous to the human artist and their experiences. In this work, random walks are used to model how systems aggregate and how order can develop from the inconsequential. Ultimately, was is produced is recognizable to us, as is the primacy of the abstract elements from which it is constructed. The process of creation by the machine is an act that is at the intersection of computer science, art, science, and individual expression. In this process, the artist loses control of the the machine even as it performs the steps described to it by lines of computer code to seek out in an effort to convey order in the natural world using only the abstract forms and show the varied pace of the action that surrounds us and lies below the surface of the observable.

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