2011 / The Grid

Artwork Description:

The Grid is modeled as a collection of abstract elements that reveal form gradually on the canvas. Each line and element of the model works not as an act of magic, but one of rational decision as the algorithm winds through lines of computer code with a natural logic that is internal within the machine and that of chance. The Grid employs both abstraction and illusion as its primary elements of expression; illusion that results from a juxtaposition of simple black and white elements that play with eye to produce depth and volume. The creativity of the machine is inspired by our spatial perceptions unconventionally to generate works that arouse and provoke both feelings and moods in us and act as a lens into the impact of random chance our lives. The Grid is broken by the line that routes through random points in the piece and color that is used to delineate the use of space by the machine agent traversing the space of the canvas. The sizes of the abstract shapes add to chromatic tension as the viewer’s gaze seeks the center point of the piece. The work has no pre-determination and operates on hidden geometries and plays with unbounded choice at every step. Yet, the final representation is ultimately one invented by the human mind that is aesthetically purified from its cultural constraints from its original abstract form. Whether we can comprehend it or not, it is the ability of the machine agent to break the ground rules by which human artists operate that gives rise to the beauty of algorithmic art and thus, it becomes a new art and a pure art that holds no objective.

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