2012 / Mondrian Redux

Artwork Description:

The act of drawing is an act of drawing the essential qualities of a subject. The selection of these qualities is a daunting challenge lies at the heart of the problem of abstraction and abstract forms of art. In Mondrian Redux, chance gives an expression to the personality of the ghost within the machine, and the subjects of these works become the abstract elements which are both the actors in the transformation of the canvas and components of the final piece. This is an action that is as abstract and as it is organic. The dynamic transformation of the canvas is the work of the playful interaction of these actors each leaving their overall impression of the work as part of the work at the same time. Each actor races out in the perfection of the work. And this perfection becomes possible when it is unbound from our cultural contexts and allowing the actors within the machine to work towards a more infinite beauty. The final works that are created are the result of a process set into motion from an autonomy and capability to both simulate and decide on the final composition of elements that best asks the viewer to see the hidden self. In the development of generative artworks, the human viewer is forced to reconsider their relationship to the machine as the artist both guides and is guided by the machine, which is a perpetual state of creation moving forwards and backs, growing and decaying, and infinitely destroying and creating, each force similarly balanced. With the varying points of this balance continuously oscillation as the paths taken by the agents in the artwork interact with each other keeping the viewer's constant attention and they dance around the canvas. As we gaze at the canvas, it becomes a mirror in which we see the changes in our influence over the world. Therefore, the importance exhibited in the generative works is the in the loss of control over the works altering our perceptions regarding our place in the world.

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